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Pumpkin Lasagna

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I don’t know why, but a few days ago, I found myself nostalgically scrolling through my old posts. More then a year of blogging is “gone with the wind” and in all that time, I posted almost 70 recipes. Who would say that a little playing around on the internet will turn into a real little food blog.
And of course, as soon as I begin remembering my best posts, the last station is probably the most popular post of them all – chocolate lasagna .

Wooow, as soon as I look at this photo, my mouth begins watering.

“No, Vera, it doesn’t make sense to put on your blog a recipe that you already posted” the voice of reason was talking to me, while the chocoholic in me was screaming: “Come on, Vera, just one more treat of this chocolate heaven”.

Pumpkin Lasagna

But, even though it was time for a new one, chocolate lasagna still wasn’t one of the options.

“Hmmm, lasagna” the sound was still ringing in my head. “But, what if I switch chocolate with some other ingredient and make a completely new lasagna?” An idea was born.
What could I put in? And of course, what else can you think of when you enter september – one of the most popular autumn food– pumpkin.

“ Pumpkin lasagna ? Sounds interesting. Let’s see what I could make of it” I thought to myself happily.

And so I started from the crust! My chocolate lasagna had Oreo crust, but I think that would not have been a good combination with pumpkin. Ok, then baked crust with butter, walnuts and flour will be the choice for my pumpkin lasagna. Pecans also came into consideration, but since my supplies are always deficient, walnuts were my choice.

Ok, going on. The second layer is of course the unavoidable cream cheese and whipped cream, so I could immediately jump to the third layer of my treat. And there, a real little heaven is waiting for us, a mix of vanilla pudding and pumpkin puree. Gorgeous The color was really beautiful and the smell of pumpkin was giving promise of a real treat.

Pumpkin Lasagna

All that was left was to make these three layers a little sweeter with a little more whipped cream and to put chopped walnuts and our little pumpkin lasagna was ready to be cooled off in the fridge.

And then after an hour of cooling off, my completely new Pumpkin Lasagna was formally waiting to see who will eat the first bite of a fresh piece.Of course, when it comes to degustation, everything that is sweet must be tasted first by the greediest member of our family – you can assume it already, my husband.

“ Pumpkin lasagna ? Never heard of it, but it looks interesting! But let’s not spend time talking” proclaimed my husband before he took the first bite.

And the first bite quickly became the second, then the third…. the only thing you could hear is: “Vera, can you give me another little piece?”. My pumpkin lasagna was a big success and it’s chocolate sister now has a deserving heir!

Pumpkin Lasagna

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For crust:

1 cup flour

1/2 cup butter-softened

1/2 cup toasted walnuts (or pecans)-chopped

For cheesecake layer:

8 oz. cream cheese- softened

1 cup powdered sugar

1 cup whipped topping

For pumpkin layer:

2 1/2 cups milk

3 small pkgs. vanilla instant pudding mix

15 oz Pumpkin puree

1 tsp. cinnamon

For topping:

1 cups whipped topping

1/4 cup toasted walnuts (or pecans)-chopped


  • Preheat the oven at 350 F and spray 8x8 inch baking dish. (NOTES : I made Pumpkin Lasagna with these ingredients in 8x8 inch baking dish, but some people have commented that they have a problem to fit it, so I suggest you to avoid this potential problem using a 9x9 inch baking dish)
  • Mix flour, butter and 1/2 cup walnuts, press into a sprayed baking dish and bake for 15 minutes, remove from the oven and let it cool completely.
  • Mix cream cheese and powdered sugar until it’s light and fluffy, add 1 cup whipped topping and spread over cooled crust. Set in the fridge while making pumpkin mixture.
  • Mix milk and vanilla instant pudding mix, add pumpkin puree and cinnamon and mix until it’s smooth. Spread over top of cheesecake layer.
  • Spread remaining 1 cup of whipped topping and sprinkle chopped walnuts and set in the fridge for at least 3 hours.

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    1. When my daughter was young, I always made 2 pumpkin pies - one "just for her" - with the eggs & pumpkin I was glad she was eating "well" ! :)
    2. I replaced the whipped topping with real whipped cream. However, I had 2 cups of the pumpkin/pudding layer left over because it wouldn't fit in the 8x8 pan. So if anyone has made the necessary adjustments to successfully make this fit a 9x13 pan, I'd love to know. I entered this into a Pumpkin Dessert contest. Out of 23 entries this recipe (and I) won!!! I didn't even get to taste it! But the prize was a basket filled with a hand mixer, measuring cups etc. What a kick - I've never won a contest before. Thanks for the recipe. P.S. Had to give it four stars because on the ingredients didn't fit the 8x8 pan.
      1. I made this using one cup of Cool Whip in the cream cheese layer and everything fit perfectly in an 8x8 pan. If you had one cup of cream prior to whipping, the volume would definitely be too much after whipping. And if you're using Cool Whip it's important not to mistake one 8 oz tub for one cup.
      2. If you double the crust ingredients it will fit into a 9 x 13 pan, but then you will need about a cup and a half of extra whipped cream for the top layer.
        1. HELP!!! I doubled the crust recipe and it's not right. First off it was too sticky to press into pan and had to heavily flour my fingers. And now it just tastes like flour. There was nothing sweet in this crust. I wondered how it would taste good. What am I missing??
  1. Hi. Wondering if like the chocolate lasagna the crust for the pumpkin lasagna could be a cookie crust? Maybe a graham cracker or Nilla wafer. How could i do that? Would i just crumble or would i have to mix in some butter?
    1. Hi Sara, you could make cookie crust, but you'll have to add melted butter and if you use graham cracker you shoud add some sugar.
    2. Sara, Oreo cookies make the best, most tasty crust. Regular Oreos are best for chocolate and peanut butter recipes. For recipes that call for a shortbread crust I Love the taste of the Golden Oreos.
      1. This sounds outstanding!!! I am going to try it with a gingersnap crust. I need advice on the pudding however. I have a family member that can not have the artificial ingredients in box pudding. So do I make homemade pudding and mix it in? Any advice would be helpful
          1. Hi. I love pumpkin recipes but i also love to make everything home made. So when you say whipped topping are you referencing cool whip. If so i wont use that. Can i use whip cream recipe? And whip the heavy whipping cream with the cream cheese? I also never made home made pudding id like to try a butterscotch one or vanilla one but you reference making it thick. I guess id have to google for a thick recipe for that or do you have any suggestions ? Thanks and blessings in advance. :)
          2. When you say "small" packages of vanilla pudding mix which size exactly are you referring too? I got the vanilla pudding mix which yields I believe 120g. Use 3 of those?Also for the pumpkin puree. I bought E.D. SMITH pure pumpkin. Same thing?
          3. Jello makes a pumpkin flavored pudding can't you just use that...this is very similar to a dessert called striped delight and it is made with a graham cracker crust...I kind of like the idea of using Pecan Sandies for a crust.....
  2. This looks absolutely yummylicious! I just can't get enough pumpkin this time of the year. I will be trying this soon. The chocolate lasagna recipe is one I need to try soon also. All seasons are chocolate season! : ) I can't rate the recipe till I try it, of course, but I will soon; absolutely!
  3. This is absolutely delicious. My husband and I loved it. I added a half teaspoon of allspice and a half teaspoon of nutmeg with the cinnamon into the pumpkin layer. I also used sugar free puddings and sugar free whipped topping. It turned out perfect. This has become a regular at our table. Thank you so much for this recipe.
  4. I made this Saturday night for Sunday dinner and needless to say there wasn't a crumb left for Monday snack! This is absolutely amazing. My grandson ate three helpings and then said he wanted this for his birthday cake :) Our whole family loves pumpkin and this has been added to our "must have" collection. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity. As always you never cease to amaze!
  5. Will this really fit into an 8x8 pan? The quantity of filling ingredients is pretty similar to the chocolate lasagna, and it is in a 9x13. In my mind's eye, it seems that this is too much filling for an 8x8......though I've been wrong before :)
    1. I just made this last night, following all directions and you are correct, it doesn't fit in a 8x8 pan...not even close. I would think you should use a 9x13 (the crust would be better that way as it is too thick in the 8x8), but there won't be enough of the cheesecake layer to use the bigger pan. The choc lasagne recipe uses two blocks of cream cheese for the 9x13 pan, so with some modifications to the cheesecake portion, you could adapt this for the bigger pan. Or, reduce the pudding layer, then it would all fit in the 8x8. But definitely, something is wrong with pan size or ingredient list in this recipe. Having said that, it does taste delicious so it's worth working on fixing the errors around pan size.
      1. I have made lemon delight or chocolate, and it called for 3-3oz, whatever kind of pudding, and 4cups of milk, I would add 3-31/2 cups and add pumpkin, with 1-8oz cream cheese and put it in 9x13. Perfect.
  6. What a great twist on an old favorite! I have been making this recipe for years and never considered pumpkin! My old fave Lemon lush will now be a new fave for thanksgiving!
  7. Do u have to toast the walnuts or pecans first? Or straight from bag? And do u crush them? I am a little confused on the crust lol... but I love the chocolate lasanga so I am sure this is great as well
    1. Hi Barb,for 10x13 inch pan just double the recipe. You can make as large as you like, but don't use jelly roll pan, you have to make this in deep dish because the layers need to chill and thick in a deep dish, or you will make a huge mess ;)
  8. I'm going out tomorrow to buy everything for this. It looks amazing, and pumpkin is my favorite! I'm thinking about making a graham cracker walnut crust, but this looks perfect!
  9. I am wondering about a Gluten Free version of this. My household is Celiac, we are just starting to learn about baking GF, any suggestions would be appreciated :-) Oh and how do you think it would be to make it with coconut or almond milk?
    1. The flour in the crust is the only thing that would need to be changed. I'd probably either substitute almond flour or switch to a pretzel crust here to make it Gluten-free. You'd have to double-check the packages of pretzels, pudding and whipped topping to make sure they're GF.
    2. You'd better check or experiment with the almond milk. I once tried either soy or almond and the pudding didn't thicken. The pudding box warned of that but I hadn't read it! I would hate to see you get everything together and then have the pudding mess.
    3. I found out, the hard way(of course), that if you mix instant jello with anything but cow's milk, you have to use less. I think you use half the amount of milk bug Google can verify:) I can't wait to try this recipe though!
    4. We make the chocolate version (we call it brown & white) but it goes by many names. When you make the crust and need it to be GF substitute potato or rice flour and use real butter and walnuts. If you wanted to go the ginger snap route Mi-Del makes an ok GF ginger snap. Also, all of Walmart brand puddings have modified starch, and we've done the research it is corn. We have made this desert for years and I've never had any issues and my Celiac is pretty severe, but I'm good as long as I avoid gluten like the plague. Happy baking!!!
    5. When I make the Chocolate Lasgana I use GF brownies for the first layer (crust) even my glutenoid friends love it!!! I'm thinking of trying this with GF shortbread cookie at the crust!!
    6. I can help with Gluten Free!! Just switch out the Flour for a GF Flour Blend available in any grocery store. Then combine with the butter and nuts per the recipe. The rest should already be naturally gluten free so just make the recipe as published.
    7. Lisa, I would not suggest you use almond or coconut milk when making pudding. The pudding won't set up and you will just have a runny mess.
  10. I think this would also be delicious with a crumbled ginger snap crust. This time of year, they also have pumpkin spice pudding....hmmmmm
    1. Hi Cris, if you don't like it you will taste it, although pumpkin and cinnamon flavor are dominant. You can replace cheesecake layer with mixture of pudding and whipped topping, or use smaller amounts of cream cheese and a large quantity of whipped topping.
    2. I don't like cream cheese either, but when you put a cup of powdered sugar in it it's a whole different story!!!! I also hate sour cream but toss an envelope of Lipton Onion Soup mix in it and I can eat the whole thing!!!
  11. Yummm! I'm thinking maybe a gingersnap crust, probably mixed with nilla or graham so it's not too strong. Sounds amazing. Can't wait to test it.
  12. I so want to make this.As I'm allergic to walnuts and pecans,hope it works/tastes just as yummy with a graham crust. Off to the kitchen to find out!!!!!
    1. I, too ,am salivating reading this recipe. I'm thinking for those that need a gf version that gf gingersnaps ir graham crackers could be used. I'm nit sure about the conversion for sugar free. Perhaps there's someone more experienced in that field that can advice.
    2. Stacie -I use sugar free jello pudding and a sugar free vanilla cookie for the crust...it's fantastic. My diabetic husband loves this version of 'lasagne'!!
  13. In purchasing the pumpkin puree. Am I to buy the "pure" pumpkin puree or the already seasoned pumpkin puree. BTW, this looks amazing! My daughters school has a baking contest every year for Harvest Fest. We have won for the last two years in the pie category. This will be our entry this year.
  14. Just out of curiosity (it's actually really bugging me), why are you calling this lasagna? Is it just something 'fun and different'? Because that's just silly. It may be a great recipe and mouth watering, delicious desert (from the pic I'm salavating already) but, lasagna it's not. We all have a love of food here (obviously). Respect the savory goodness of a true lasagne.
  15. I would love to try this,but my kids do no eat artificial colors. Would I be able to to use a homemade pudding? The recipe calls for instant. Mine would be already prepared. Do you thnk that could work? Thanks Veronica
  16. Do you think the pumpkin spice hello pudding that is out this time of year work instead of vanilla, or would that be too much?
  17. It sounds wonderful. But we need a favor? The original chocolate recipe can be found where? After all, Christmas is also on the far distant (I hope) horizon, and chocolate is a must in our home at that time!
  18. Is there anyway to make the crust without nuts? as I am severely allergic, but love pumpkin and want to make this so bad lol
  19. i would do this as just a regular desert without the crust and layer it in a pretty bowl or dish, I dont need all that crust but I love pumpkin and cream cheese.
  20. My mom makes many versions of this, some using chocolate, some fruit fillings. We call it four layer dessert. Haven't had it with pumpkin but I'm going to give it a try!
  21. Could you double the recipe to fit a bigger pan. Like a 13 by 9 baking dish? I would like to bring this to a church function. And more is definitely better.
  22. I can't WAIT to try this as the chocolate lasagna has been requested by many for me to bring to outings and parties. My question, which may be a stupid one, but for pumpkin puree can we use prepared pumpkin pie filling from the can....like Libby's?Thanks!!!
  23. I made this recipe in a 8x8x2 pan but had to serve the topping on the side. It still was very yummy but I'm thinking the pan was not deep enough After adding the pumpkin filling I had no room left for another layer. I wish I would have used a 13x9 pan like I did for a similar recipe.
  24. I have to eat gluten free but it doesn't mean I can't have things like this! I tried GF flour - meh, didn't turn out well. So I made GF graham crackers, chopped them fine to make a graham cracker crust with finer toasted, chopped pecans mixed in. That was the most wicked base for this I can think of! I was never a pie crust kinda gal so this made it my new Thanksgivivg favorite. Oh, and it was a HUGE hit in its test run.
  25. We have made this for years with Lemon (our favorite) or butterscotch, chocolate - but we call it Grandma's Dessert. Can't have a family function without it..Not sure about the pumpkin!!
  26. I'm not a fan of instant pudding because of all the chemicals and artificial stuff. Can something else be substituted for instant pudding? Thanks!
    1. HI Lisa, you can find caned pumkin puree or pure pumpkin in grocery store, or you can find recipes for homemade pumpkin pure on the internet and make it.
  27. How about an apple lasagna? I'm thinking a variation of apple crisp topping as crust and some drizzled caramel in there somewhere....
  28. This looks fantastic and I can't wait to try it. But I do have to say, pumpkin is not a fruit, it's a vegetable. It's a member of the squash family. Still can't wait to try this.
  29. I just made this. I used a pyrex glass deep dish 8" x 8" pan. The crust is the problem. Not done after 15 min., I then put it under the broiler for a few minutes to brown. It still came out with a mealy consistency - very crumbly and tasting too much like flour. I know I got the ingredient amts. correct. So my question is: what happened? Is it better to use a metal pan for an optimum crust? I'm about to put the layers together, but am afraid the crust is just not going to be right. What is the "perfect" crust like for this recipe?
    1. I too used a glass Pyrex and I just don't think the crust is going to taste good either. Plus after assembling I didn't have enough room in the 8x8 pan either so I will put the final whipped topping on before I serve. I'm hoping the cream cheese layer will add flavor to the crust!
  30. Oh, I forgot to mention. I bought a bag of Pepperidge Farm Bordeaux cookies to crush and spread on the top with the nuts. I'm very hopeful about that! I'll update on those results
  31. Is pumpkin puree the canned pumpkin before you add all the ingredients for pumpkin pie? I had someone ask me the other night at work (I work in a grocery store) and I told them it was.
  32. I notice there's no sugar in the crust, only flour & butter. I would think it's very odd tasting w/out a little sugar. Did anyone add any sugar?
  33. I too was wondering/concerned about the crust. Thought I'd make it this afternoon, but it sounds very flour-y, with that being the main ingredient in the crust.
  34. I thought this was quite a lot for an 8x8 pan. I used a 7 x 11 pan and it almost overflowed the pan. I found other recipes using the same ingredients and they all called for a 9 x 13 pan. The pumpkin layer was a little bland for my taste, so I added additional cinnamon, nutmeg, ground cloves, ground allspice and ginger. Also, after removing the cup of whipped topping for the second layer, I had to use the rest of the container to cover the top layer, maybe the difference in pan size, but a smaller pan wouldn't have held this recipe.
  35. For the pumpkin layer, it doesn't specify to make the pudding as you usually would first. Should I just mix the pumpkin with it right away and it will thicken while it's in the fridge or do I make the pudding thick first then add the rest?THANKS!
  36. Making this now seems way too much for an 8x8. Question the pumpkin layer is not solid? Does it have to sit for 3hrs to get thick or did I miss something?
  37. There is NO pasta in this recipe. So it is NOT a lasagna. Word Origin and History for lasagna Expand n. "pasta cut in long, wide strips; a dish made from this," 1760 (as an Italian word in English), from Italian (plural is lasagne), from Vulgar Latin *lasania, from Latin lasanum "a pot," from Greek lasanon "pot with feet, trivet."
  38. I have made a version of this using a ready made graham cracker pie crust. I have made it chocolate, lemon, butterscotch, pumpkin, and pistachio. They are always a hit.
    1. If using cookies it all depends on the size of the cookie - use your judgment to make 1 cup of crumbs and you may want to add an extra tablespoon of butter see how moist it is after adding the original amount. in for the people who are getting freaked out about this being called a lasagne...she's using the term loosely sheesh people this is not a dictionary it is a food blog about desserts Thanks
  39. I am in the process of making this right now! I doubled the recipe thinking I would use a 9x13 pan. After making the pumpkin filling, I am now concerned that I have made too much for my pan! There is a ton of pumpkin filling. I am bringing it to a potluck at work, I'll let you know what everyone thinks!
  40. What about adapting your original chocolate lasagna crust by using Pecan Sandies instead of Oreos? Or ginger snaps? Depending on wjat your taste buds want at the time.
  41. When you say small package of vanilla pudding, do you mean the 3.4 ounce size? That was the smallest I could find in the store but I've seen online that you can buy a 1 oz size. I'm in the process of making right now and don't want to put too much vanilla pudding in!Thanks!
  42. For those who don't like the taste of cream cheese (I just can't imagine what that must be like; there are always at least 4-5 blocks of it on hand in my refrigerator) a good substitute in this recipe would be mascarpone. It gives the right consistency to the whipped cream and powdered sugar like cream cheese does, only without any noticeable taste.
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  44. I was going to use Golden Oreos for the crust, but my husband found them with pumpkin pie flavored creme...just put it in to chill, so we don't have a verdict yet...it's going to be a long three hours!
  45. How much of everything to make this 9x13 for church? Dang, they get to try it first!Could figure it out but must have there by noon tomorrow!
      1. Hi - I plan on doubling everything to make in a 9x13....do I use 6 small packages of Vanilla Instant Pudding then? I am thinking yes lol but just thought I would ask to make double sure... :)Thanks!
  46. Made this today, and OMG this is seriously one of the best desserts I have ever had! excited to try the chocolate version!
  47. I made this for our church homecoming dinner. I decided to make it in a 9 x 13 dish and here's a few things I learned. The crust needs salted butter and should be doubled if using a 9 x 13 dish. The cheese cake and pumpkin layer were perfect as is for the larger dish. It was very tasty and a definite do over! Thanks for sharing.
  48. This is pumpkin torte. Crust, cream cheese layer, pumpkin, whipped topping. Just a different way to make it. I've been making this for years.
  49. Hi. I was wondering if you used all 3 packages of the vanilla pudding? Seems like a lot of pudding to me. Didn't know if you meant 3 servings or 3 actual packages. Thank you :)
  50. You can use just about any pudding for this recipe. But i love this idea!!! I love pumpkin in almost anything. Thank you for this recipe<3
  51. I hate nuts and the crust sounded bland so... crust: 1 1/4 c crushed gingersnaps, 5T melted butter, a pinch of brown sugar and 2 tsps. of heath bits top with more heath and no ... it will not fit in an 8x8 - I did it in a small casserole dish and still did not have space for the last layer, so added whipped cream and heath when serving.absolutely fab!
  52. I made the pumpkin lasagna last night and my husband and I were so excited to try it tonight,but my dessert is still very soft. I liked back to see what i did wrong and i had used pumpkin pie MIX and not the puree. Any suggestions to fix it?
  53. Do you think I could do eggs and vanilla instead of vanilla pudding mix? I understand the answer is speculative, but you have more cooking experience than me ;) Thanks!
    1. I really can't tell that Nikki, but be careful what ever you use it should be very thick before you add pumpkin puree, or you won't be abble to cut the slice.
  54. I made this yesterday and Hubby loves it! It is yummy. Any idea what the calorie count would be for this??? Easy to make and will be good for Thanksgiving. Thanks for the recipe.Kim
  55. I have made both and love them both. I have a large family and have doubled recipe and put in a9 x 13 pan - perfect!!
  56. I cannot wait to make this. I have peanut allergies so I am going to substitute pumpkin seeds for the walnuts & sprinkle them on the whipped cream along with shavings of chocolate. Id LOVE LOVE LOVE to have nuts but its not an option. I'll let you know how it comes out!
  57. Easy to make and absolutely delicious!!! I felt there was a bit much off the pumpkin pudding layer so I saved half of if and made it into pumpkin pudding popsicles, YUM!!! Thanks for the share!!! :D
  58. Made with pecans instead of walnuts, and is very good, Going to use graham cracker crust next time, should be able to get 2 pies made
  59. I just made this....and as I was making it i tasted the pumpkin puree and ugh i was like oh boy yuck lol...well I went ahead and mixed it with the milk and pudding and cinnamon and to my delight it was delicious!!! I had extra so I added some cool whip on a plate and me and my son ate it ... it was sure yummy...well the cake is in the fridge and I am taking that to work tonight for Halloween. :) :)
  60. I made this for a work party & they loved it. I made it in a 9 x13 pan & didn't double the ingredients. I used a bit more cool whip and used Pecan Sandy's for the base , crushed up and mixed with 6 tbl spoons of melted butter. I added 1tsp of allspice to the pumpkin layer & toffee bits to the top layer instead of nuts.
  61. Awesome recipe! I made this with Oreo Pumpkin Spice cookies for the crust & used Jell-O Pumpkin Spice pudding in place of the vanilla pudding & added a few shakes of nutmeg to the pudding mixture. I used a 9x13 pan & doubled the cream cheese filling. Didn't have any nuts on hand but sprinkled cookie crumbs on top. Big hit with everyone! Thanks for a wonderful recipe!
  62. My brother asked me to make this for his birthday. As I was assembling it, I tasted each layer. Oh my...I can't wait to eat it all together with that yummy pecan crust. I didn't read the earlier comments and regret not making it in a bigger pan.
  63. im making this but in my own version im using ginger snaps as the crust and candied pecans on top same way as the chocolate lasagna i found pumpkin flavored pudding mix
  64. My friend Heather made this and it was awesome! I am making it for Thanksgiving; the whip topping balances everything out. I had the chocolate recipe years ago at a school function; it was the best dessert I had ever tasted, so velvety. The pumpkin is even better!!!!!:)
  65. do you still cook the crust when it's in a 9x13? It's very soft to touch and stick to my finger after 15 mins.. Should I put it in longer?
  66. My pumpkin pudding layer is soupy! Was I supposed to heat the pudding & milk and prepare as stated on the box before adding the pumpkin? Is there any way to fix this? I have not assembled it yet.
  67. Never mind, I just realized I was using heat & serve pudding instead of instant! I put it on the stove for a few minutes and it thickened up. Can't wait to try this!
  68. I just made this - can't wait to share it for Thanksgiving DInner tomorrow ... but it made too much for my 8x8 pan. Maybe I need to find a deeper dish 8x8 - mine is a typical pyrex brownie style glass dish. Wish I had used a 9x9 pan. Now to scoop out some of the pudding so I can fit the final layer. (I used pecans and had to look up how to toast them - but they came out great and that was easy in a skillet!) Thanks for the recipe!
  69. Omg this is so good. I made it with coconut flour for the crust, and used stevia instead of sugar. I also cut the powdered sugar to half and used light cream cheese (neufchatel) & light whipped cream, and it was still out of this world!
  70. I doubled the recipe cuz I needed more than an 8x8. I was going to do a 9x13. I ended up with WAY more than needed. I had a 9x13 & 8x8. Had lots of compliments on it. I didn't try it yet, but it does look good!
  71. Made this with ginger snap cookies and butter for crust, (so no bake). Don't even like ginger snaps, but it was delish!!
  72. There's so much great feedback for this recipe but I thought I'd throw out my $.02 worth...try substituting cheesecake pudding for the vanilla...it's a bit richer tasting but not heavy. White chocolate pudding might be an interesting swap out as well! Thank you Miss Vera - we pumpkin freaks are frothing over this one!
  73. I wonder if butterscotch pudding w/the pumpkin would make it taste more like pumpkin pie, instead of the vanilla pudding? Sounds yummy. I make pumpkin cream puffs which everyone dearly loves....
  74. This is delicious!! It fits in an 8x8 as long as it's a deep dish 8x8. My mom is a huge black walnut fan and ended up finding some today, so I used those in the crust and on top and it took this recipe to another level!! Used lite cool whip and low fat cream cheese and it was divine. Definitely a keeper! Thank you!
  75. I'm really disappointed in the making of this dessert. I ended up with a bunch of leftover pumpkin layer. I was looking forward to the fact that it was a smaller dessert for a dinner of four. I made it in my 9x7 pan, after reading what was stated about using a 9x9 pan. Still there is over a cup of pumpkin mixture leftover. This dessert needs to be adjusted to fit the smaller pan. I'm not sure how deep your 8x8 is, but my 9x7 is over 2-inches deep and I still didn't have room for all of the layers. Please consider reworking this recipe so if fits in a more standard size pan.
  76. When you list something such as "small packages," you should really list the amount in each small package. Some brands have more than others and manufacturers are daily decreasing the amounts in packages to cut their costs (and mess up our recipes)! Also, are there substitutes for the vanilla pudding and whipped topping for those of us who avoid highly processed foods?
  77. This is a delicious dessert. I've been making it for forty years. Use to call is four layer dessert with various spins... I.e., chocolate, pistachio, butterscotch etc. All delicious!
  78. Can I use heavy cream, and make my own whipped cream, instead of whipped topping....? I don't like the flavor of the whipped topping, and tend not to use it.
  79. Good morning!! I will be making this recipe for thanksgiving it looks delicious I just wanted to make sure that the pumpkin puree was the pure one and not the one all ready for pumpkin pie!! Thank you, Emily?
  80. I have to be gluten free, so I used gluten free all purpose flour in place of regular flour. The crust is taking forever to bake. What am I doing wrong?
  81. This is a nutritional nightmare. It's not just about the sugar. "Whipped topping"? That translates to plastic white stuff. "Instant pudding"? Disgusting. Use real ingredients, not artificial crap.
  82. Could someone please clarify the actual size of the jello pudding mix? My grocery store carries 3 diferent sizes 30g, 96 and a 144 gram packages. Thank you.
    1. I made the recipe last night. I put it in a 9x13 pan. the crust fit perfectly using the recipe above. I still had pumpkin filling left over. I also felt I would use two 8oz pakgs of cream cheese as that part was not as thick as I would have liked. I also want to try using pumpkin pie spice instead of cinnamon.
  83. I made it on the weekend, and it was great tastewise! Can you please clarify how much pudding exactly it need (weight maybe?), my pumpkin layer was too soft and didn't hold up well. Thank you!
  84. Are you suggesting to use a 9 by 9 baking dish? Instead of the 8 by 8? And Just flower and butter for the crust? Will It turn out ok without the pecans? Personal preference{no pecans}?? Thanx in advance!
  85. I am going to try this again...Something went terribly wrong with my Pumpkin layer... it was soupy and never thickened up? I am wondering if it is because I used Skim milk? Maybe I bought the wrong kind of Jello pudding i don't know?
  86. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this recipe! I took it to a potluck at work and everyone went wild over it. One woman even told a common friend about it and told her she HAD to ask me for the recipe! I gave it to her over the phone (!) and she made it for Thanksgiving last year.This Thanksgiving, we'll be at her home to celebrate and I will fight her over making this because I want the extra leftovers! Hahaha! I will take it to another potluck, don'tcha know...and this time, I'll be taking copies of your recipe (and link!) with me.P.S. My husband couldn't figure out why I was making the crust that way and pressing in those nuts...but later, he became a believer. It's so awesome! You're a food genius, Vera! <3

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