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Cinnamon Apple Crumb Cake

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Are you ready for fall baking? Cinnamon Apple Crumb Cake is the perfect dessert for crisp weather coming up, just like this magic custard cake. If you are not a big fan of pumpkin treat, then you must try this coffee cake loaded with apples and crunchy brown sugar-cinnamon streusel crumbs, drizzled with apple cider glaze.

Are you ready for fall baking? Cinnamon Apple Crumb Cake is the perfect dessert for crisp weather coming up.

Being a food blogger is not such a simple thing as many of my friends think it is. This time I’m not talking about the usual problems that happen in the kitchen like an unsuccessful frosting of a perfectly backed cupcake or the filling is thin for the 1000. time even though you did everything by the book.

The thing I’m talking about is the reputation that doesn’t allow you any mistakes. My friends, sitting with a dessert, usually say “Oh, Vera, this is simply fantastic! You always succeed in everything you try. I could never do that, and so it’s better that I come to your place for a sweet bite like this”

Are you ready for fall baking? Cinnamon Apple Crumb Cake is the perfect dessert for crisp weather coming up.

A few days ago, answering the phone, I heard my best friend: “Vera, when do you have time for me? I have something very important to tell you! I’ll be there in a few hours. And please, make one of your sweet desserts so we could eat something sweet while talking”. And – click, that was it.

If I had the phone number, I would surely have called Superman because I knew what was coming to me! First, searching on Pinterest. Cheesecake, Cupcakes, Cookies. Nooo, maybe this quick Poke Cake? Hmmm these Apple Muffins look fantastic. After an “easy” 45 minutes, the decision was made – Apple Crumb cake!

Are you ready for fall baking? Cinnamon Apple Crumb Cake is the perfect dessert for crisp weather coming up.

And even though it all looks so simple, there are a few completely logical questions: “Have I used all the apples on Apple Cookies?”. Of course, then I had to spend 30 minutes in the shop for buying a few apples. After two hours, luckily without any new problems, Apple Crumb Cake began to spread it’s smell through my home, and I remembered my blog.

Well, it wouldn’t be bad to make a photo of this beautiful coffee cake. And of course, as is common in situations like this, the display was showing the (in)famous message “Change the battery”. 30 more minutes for charging the battery and as soon as the photo session was over, I got the SMS “I’m coming in 20 minutes”. Just enough for washing the dishes.

And so, 30 minutes later, talking about the newest gossip and enjoying the Apple Crumb Cake, came the usual “Vera, you really are a genius. Only you can make such a sweet cake without any problems. You have to give me the secret one day”.

“Well, it’s really nothing, my dear. You can do it. All you need is a little good will and things are done by themselves!” 🙂

Are you ready for fall baking? Cinnamon Apple Crumb Cake is the perfect dessert for crisp weather coming up.

Cinnamon Apple Crumb Cake

Are you ready for fall baking? Cinnamon Apple Crumb Cake is the perfect dessert for crisp weather coming up.

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For cinnamon streusel crumb:

1 1/2 cup flour

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup granulated sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoons cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

1/2 cup butter -melted

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

1 large (or 2 small) tart apples-peeled and chopped

For the cake:

4 Tablespoons butter

1/2 cup granulated sugar

1 large egg

1 teaspoon vanilla

1/2 cup sour cream

1 cup flour

1/4 teaspoon baking soda

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

For apple cider glaze:

1/2 cup powdered sugar

1 1/2 -2 Tablespoons apple cider


  • Preheat the oven to 350 F. Grease 8 inch springform pan and line the bottom with parchment paper, set aside.
  • To make cinnamon streusel crumb in a bowl, whisk together dry ingredient, add melted butter and vanilla and stir until the mixture is evenly moist, set aside.
  • To make the cake in a large bowl, cream together 4 tbsp butter with 1/2 cup sugar until light and fluffy, add egg and beat well, then add vanilla and sour cream and beat again.
  • In another bowl, stir together 1 cup flour, baking soda, salt, and baking powder and add to the butter mixture, stir until just combined.
  • Spread half the batter at the bottom of the pan ( it will be very thin layer). Spread the apple chunks evenly over the batter, then sprinkle about 1 cup of the cinnamon streusel crumbs over the apples. Spread the remaining batter over the crumbs and on top spread the rest of the cinnamon streusel.
  • Bake 35-40 minutes or until a tester inserted in the center comes out clean.
  • Before remove the ring of springform pan run a thin knife around the cake.
  • To make the glaze whisk together powdered sugar with apple cider and drizzle over the cake.
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  1. Apple cider...vinegar...packet for the instant drink, or apple cider juice?? Need that to be explained a little better please :)
      1. i have a similar question i will be using a bunt cake pan... is that okay? please respond soon as i am making this with in the next hour. Thank you :)
  2. looks great on Pinterest but SOOOOO Many Ads popping up I can't read the recipe! I can Barely write this. Interrupted 8 times iN 3 lines by ads! Holy cow!
    1. I just made this last night I think it need up in the oven for about a hour before the center was done.......tasted great and am making another today for tomorrow's get together. Hope this helps
      1. Yes, this freezes well! I took this to work on Friday (it's my office's favorite). We couldn't eat it all so I froze the remainder. It was great many weeks later!
  3. This is currently in the oven :) can't wait to see how it turns out! One question: has anyone tried making this with twice as much cake batter? It was fairly difficult to spread the bottom layer of batter as well as the middle layer, and I think doubling the amount of batter might just do the trick.
    1. I just had the same issue. I doubled the batter and it's going 20 minutes past the bake time now; probably needs additional time, too.
    2. When it came to spreading the batter; yes it was a very small amount, and I too was worried it wouldn't spread very well. I used a rubber spatula and sprayed it with nonstick cooking spray. It made spreading the batter very easy. The cake is currently in the oven-hoping it turns out! :)
  4. I just assembled this and also found it very difficult to spread the batter (both the bottom and top.) Actually the top was harder since it was over the crumbs. I'm sure it will come out fine, but if it is a hit I am going to try to double the batter next time. Thanks :)
    1. I found the same...Very hard to spread. The cake tasted great but was very thin. Is that the way it's suppose to be. I thought it would be higher adding the baking pwd. but it wasn't.
  5. This was the best cake in the world! The only things I added was I used 2 large apples (an apple per layer, because I can't get enough apples!) and I made this cinnamon brown sugar glaze thing by melting 4 tbs of butter and adding the brown sugar and cinnamon to my liking. I just spread this mixture on top of the batter for each layer before adding the apples and crumbs. I found that this helped with spreading the top layer. Also, I added about 1/4-1/2 a cup of buttermilk because I thought my batter looked a bit dry.
  6. Sorry but won't be back to try this or any recipes because of all the ads. I know you make a living from it but such intrusive ads covering the page with no way to stop them have to be hurting your bottom line.
  7. It was very fun to make and is in the oven right now! I'm excited to see how it turns out! Can you do something different for the glaze? Can you do something without the apple cider?
  8. This cake was amazing! I took the advice of someone below who said to put more apples (almost one on each layer) and a cinnamon, Sugar, and butter drizzle on each layer (4T butter, 1/3 cup brown sugar, and 1/2 t cinnamon), and double the batter or it won't be enough to spread. I actually tripled the recipe for a 9x13 pan. It makes a big cake but that's how we like it at my house. It cooked for almost an hour and a half. Amazing! Make this cake! Thanks for sharing the recipe.
  9. Hello, I was wondering if I could use a 9 inch springform pan instead of an 8 inch? How much would it change the baking time ?
  10. I made this cake at the weekend and my husband said its the best cake ever, and my family who were visiting also loved it. Will be making many more times in the future. Highly recommend this recipe.
  11. This looks delicious! Any tips or suggestions for baking it at high altitude (7,200 feet)? I haven't tried baking anything since I moved from sea level!
  12. This cake is amazing!! It's super moist, light and soft, I'm in love! I used greek yogurt instead of sour cream and used self raising flour, it came out perfect. For people who are unsure about whether to double the recipe or not, you can increase the baking powder to 2 tablespoons. It may look thin in the pan, but it will rise to the perfect height. Thank you for this recipe, I'll definitely be coming back to this :)
  13. Hi!Thanks for the recipe! I made the cake yesterday in a 9 inch pan and baked 20 minutes overtime, and still the middle wasn't completely set. I made it with 1 apple and 1 pear, but would also suggest using at least double the amount of fruits, because the batter is quite thick.
  14. Made it today. DELICIOUS! I used low fat plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. No apple cider, so mixed topping with almond extract and added sliced almonds on top. Will be making this again!
  15. I just ordered an 8in spring form pan from Amazon this morning to be able to make this cake over the weekend for my family. I'm concerned about all of the comments saying to double the recipe, and to add more fruit..
  16. I made this the other day and it was delicious! I have to agree, that it was the best coffee cake that I have had in a long time. Can't wait to make it again, but next time I will double the cake recipe, just so we can have more of it!
  17. how do you get the parchment paper off the bottom of the cake? might be dumb question lol. can i just use a disposable pan instead with no parchment paper?
    1. Hi Stephanie, I thing you could use it. About the parchment paper, when you take off the ring from springform pan just lift a little one edge of the cake and pull down the paper, it will peel off easily and the cake is very dense so it won't pull apart while you do that.
  18. I made this for the family today and it was fabulous! All four tasters gave it 5 dessert spoons! I even allowed seconds on dessert! I only had a 9 inch springform and substituted milk when I had no apple cider, but it was still great. I will get cider next time, because I will definitely make this again!
  19. I've been so excited to make this and have a fresh bag of apples I picked with my boys over the weekend. Just pulled out the springform and it's 10", not 8". It'll need more batter, I'm sure... Do you think I should double or triple the batter?
  20. I made this last night and it was a hit! I actually used a 9 Inch springform pan and it worked fine. The layer on the bottom was thin but everyone thought it was great. Didn't even think to measure the pan. The batter was thick but I spread it with a knife and did great. Can't wait to make again. Thanks!
  21. Nice cake! I really enjoyed making it. Since I'm Swedish I had to translate the recipe and its measures in order to follow it. So if anyone is interested, here is a Swedish translation:Kanelströsselsmulor 3 on halv dl mjöl 1.20 dl granulerat socker Halv tesked salt 1 tesked kanel En fjärdedels tesked muskot 1.20 dl smör halv tesked vaniljFör kakan 4 matskedar smör 1 stort äpple skalat och skuret 1.20 dl granulerat socker 1 stort ägg 1 tesked vanilj 1.20 dl gräddfil 2.37 dl mjöl 1 fjärdedels tesked bikarbonat 1 fjärdedels tesked salt en halv tesked bakpulverÄppelciderglasyr 1.20 dl florsocker 2 matskedar äppelciderFörfarande 1. Värm ugnen till 176 grader. Smörj den löstagbara kanten på en 20 cm bred form och spänn fast ett smörpapper på botten. 2. För strösselsmulet: blanda ihop de torra ingredienserna först, lägg sedan i det smälta smöret och vaniljsockret och blanda tills blandningen är jämnt fuktig. 3. För kakan: vräk samman smör och och socker luftigt, tillägg ägg och vispa, därefter vaniljsocker och gräddfil och vispa igen. 4. I en annan skål, vräk samman 2,5 dl mjöl, bikarbonat, salt och bakpulver och lägg i smörblandningen, blanda tills det är jämnt blandat. 5. Bred ut halva smeten över formens botten (det blir ett tunt lager). Fördela äppelbitarna jämnt över smeten, strössla därefter 2.5 dl av kanelströsselsmulet över äpplena. Bred slutligen ut den återstående smeten över strösslet och ovanpå denna sista smet, krön verket med kvarstoden strösselsmul. 6. Skjutsa in i ugnen 35-40 minuter, eller testa med en sticka och se om den är ren. 7. Innan du befriar kakan från formen, för en vass kniv längs kanten. 8. Vispa samman äppelcider och florsocker för att skapa glasyren, vilken du sedan låter rinna över den ångande kakan.
  22. This better taste good because it's a lot of work! How do you get the second layer of batter over the apple and streusel mixture?
  23. I've made this twice now, and it was perfect both times! The first time I did it in a 9 inch springform pan. I had to bake it 45-50 minutes until it felt done in the center. The second time I doubled the recipe and made it in a 9x13 pan, and didn't line with parchment paper. It was a lot easier to spread the first layer of batter, and it didn't stick at all. It took about an hour to bake in the 9x13 pan. I also used a bit more apple the second time, and put some on the top layer as well. This is a serious crowd pleaser! Thank you for this delicious recipe!
  24. Can I bake it on a 9x5 loaf pan? And for how long? I really want to do this but I only have a 9" inches springform pan. Thanks!!
  25. Hi! I am thinking about making this for a bridesmaid luncheon, but that would mean it wouldn't be warm because I would need to make it a day early! Is it still just as good room temp? I feel like apple cinnamon stuff is better warm! Thanks!
  26. Its Thanksgiving morning and I have this in the oven now. All the individual parts taste amazing, so I am sure it will be scrumptious! Next time though, I would double the cake batter, it was tough to spread such a small amount on the pan, and even tougher to spread the top layer though. But I followed the recipe to a T. Can't wait to try it!!
  27. I've made this a few times and I just have to tell you how amazing it is!! I followed the recipe exactly the first time and it was so delicious, but since then I started adding more apples (1.5 large or 3 small) and did a caramel drizzle instead of the apple cider glaze.
  28. I had to bring something to my first Thanksgiving dinner with my in-laws. We got married in April and I've only met these people twice. You can imagine my fear. You don't take store bought to your mother-in-laws house. I found this cake and I fell in love!! It looked fantastic!! (And simple...) I thought I would surely have enough time to make a trial cake before he big day. Did I mention that I'm due to have a baby next week? And I have two at home. So, needless to say, time got away from me, and I was baking this cake for the first time Thanksgiving morning praying for the best. I get us and the cake very carefully to my mother-in-laws house. It was fantastic!!!!! Shew!!!! What a relief!!! She even texted me the next day thanking me for bringing the cake!!! You saved my Thanksgiving!! And possibly my future with my mother-in-law. :)
  29. I hope it will be as yummy as it looks but I had a very hard time spreading the batter, especially over the apple layer, as the batter was so thick. I ended up just dropping spoonfuls on top and hoping it all works out. Smells great in the oven!
    1. Well, despite how hard it was to spread the batter, this was amazing. Took it to a meetup with some friends and all New Years resolutions were cast aside! Absolutely delicious and I will definitely put this in the dessert rotation.
  30. Can I use apple juice instead of apple cider? Can't seem to find the cider in my local grocery store... Thanks
  31. Very delicious recipe! As many have commented, the batter is very thick and challenging to spread. On my second try, I made a few changes: I increased all the ingredients by 50% and baked in a 9" spring form at 350 on the middle rack for 60 minutes and it came out perfect. With the additional batter, spreading was much easier. I'd suggest at least 50% of the batter at the bottom and don't forget the parchment paper as it helps reduce burning of the bottom. Thanks very much Vera!
  32. I would love to make this for my work potluck, do you think if I made it in a 9x13 I should double or triple the recipe?
  33. I accidentally put the apples in my streusel but just went with it. Even with the apples mixed in, the streusel remained crispy and the flavor was superb! This is probably the best cake I have ever eaten! Amazing recipe.

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