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Raspberry Cheesecake Truffles

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Raspberry Cheesecake Truffles are delicious, sweet and tart bites of creamy cheesecake filling hidden inside chocolate shell.

If you have had the chance to see the recipes I shared on my blog until now, you must have seen that I am a big fan of cheesecake. I simply love cheesecake in every form, whether it’s cake, cupcakes, or a classic salty dish – Chimichangas, which I just had to transform into a dessert and try to fill it with strawberry cheesecake.

Raspberry Cheesecake Truffles are delicious, sweet and tart bites of creamy cheesecake filling hidden inside chocolate shell.

Even recipes which don’t have cream cheese in original, get this tasty addition as soon as they get their turn in my kitchen. That was the case with my Strawberry Cream Cheese Cookies or Oreo Cheesecake Chocolate Cake and even my latest post on the blog, Raspberry Coffee Cake had to have a tasty layer of cheesecake filling.

Now, it’s time for truffles, of course, cheesecake truffles. Oh, just how tasty are these small bites. The creamy filling is made of ingredients which are in every no bake cheesecake: cream cheese, sugar, graham crackers and cool whip.

Raspberry Cheesecake Truffles are delicious, sweet and tart bites of creamy cheesecake filling hidden inside chocolate shell.

This is my favorite dessert this summer. It only has one flaw, you will probably need more time to make them then to eat them. I mean, it’s not that hard to make them, but it’s so hard to stop when you start eating thm… One truffle is equivalent to one bite, so how do you get enough of this fantastic treat?

I have to admit, I had some difficulties with making this Raspberry Cheesecake truffles. I didn’t want to overdo the graham crackers, because the filling would otherwise be dry. I wanted my truffles to be juicy and creamy as a real cheesecake. And also there are the raspberries which are full of juice and additionally complicate life.

Because of that, you must work very quickly with the truffles and in small batches. Because, when you form the balls, they are frozen and the melted chocolate in which you put it in later is relatively warm, so the truffles melt quickly. But trust me, even though you need a little more effort and patience to make everything right, every second is worth it!

Raspberry Cheesecake Truffles are delicious, sweet and tart bites of creamy cheesecake filling hidden inside chocolate shell.

Raspberry Cheesecake Truffles

Yields 22

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8 oz. cream cheese-softened

1/2 cup powdered sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla

3/4 cup cool whip

3/4 fresh raspberries-washed and well dried

3/4 cup graham crackers crumbs

15 oz semi-sweet baking chocolate-coarsely chopped


  • With a mixer beat the cream cheese, powdered sugar and vanilla until light and fluffy. Mix in raspberries to incorporate into cream cheese.
  • Add cool whip and stir with a spatula.
  • Add graham cracker crumbs and stir to combine. Set in the freezer for 2 hours.
  • Line a tray with parchment paper and set aside.(Make sure you have enough room in your freezer for tray because the truffles must chill after being rolled).
  • With a tablespoon or small ice cream scoop drop dollops of the cheesecake mixture onto parchment paper. Shape each dollop with your hand into a nice round balls.(if it’s too soft to work with, place the dollops in the freezer for a while).
  • Set the truffles in the freezer until completely frozen (it might take couple hours).
  • Melt the chocolate and let it sit for 5 minutes to slightly cool so the truffles won’t melt while dipping.
  • Remove truffles from the freezer and begin dipping into the chocolate using a fork or a spoon. Work in small batches (take a few truffles from the freezer at the time because they soften really quickly).Place chocolate covered truffles onto parchment paper. Truffles must be completely sealed with chocolate!!! If you missed some spots you can add few drops of melted chocolate with a spoon to cover the whole truffle.
  • When finish dipping process transfer leftover of melted chocolate into a zip lock bag, cut of the corner and drizzle over the truffles.
  • Store in the freezer or refrigerator and take out when ready to serve. They soften quickly at the room temperature.
Recipe Type: Dessert

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    1. Hi Tasnim, you can use heavy whipping cream (you'll need about 1/3 to 1/2 cup). You should beat it until soft peaks form, add powdered sugar to taste and beat until stiff peaks form. Measure out 3/4 cup and add it to cheesecake.
  1. I've never tried to dip anything containing whipped cream into hot melted chocolate before. I like the idea of the cream cheese, raspberry, powdered sugar and vanilla mixture though, so I think I will give these a try. I love to make all kinds of Truffles. I made over 200 just last weekend for a graduation party. Three different basic recipes and seven different types of toppings. They were a big hit. Thank you for posting this! I love to add to my Truffle recipes.
    1. Hi Teribaker, I wouldn't recommend that, because the mixture will be to thin and hard to work with. If you use it any way, you will have to add more graham cracker crumbs.
  2. I got busy after first making the mixture and left it in the freezer for much longer than 2 hours and now it is hard as a rock. Can I still work with the mixture after if softens up?
    1. Hi Chelsea, leave it at room temperature for awhile and stir from time to time when it starts softening, so it wont soften to much on the surface and stay hard in the center.
    1. Hi Roxi, I wouldn't recommended white chocolate for coathing, it might be really hard to work with, but if you try please let me know how it goes.
    1. HI Stephanie, I made this only with raspberries and I don't want to make a guess and give you some wrong advice, sorry. If you try please let me know.
  3. Made these for Christmas and they were a huge hit!! Very difficult to make though. I found freezing the rolled centers and using a skewer to dip in the chocolate helped.
  4. I'm not from America. What is a Graham Cracker? What type of biscuit, what is it made from so I can substitute over her in Australia?
  5. Hi. I tried to make these and I must have done something wrong with the chocolate. I melted the chocolate fine, but when i went to coat them, it was a complete disaster. I only covered 6 of them and the chocolate was almost gone. It was way too thick on the truffles. And every time I tried to slide it off the fork it would harden to the fork and the entire bottom of the truffle wasn't covered in chocolate... any thoughts?
  6. You could try using Freeze Dried Raspberries, they still have the intense flavour but without the moisture content...and are completely natural...also use a second tray for the truffles that are dipped in chocolate if you keep the tray in the freezer prior to dipping into the chocolate it will help....
  7. Oh and you can sit the cold tray on a marble cutting board or and frozen gel pack will keep it cold longer while you work :)
  8. I was needing to know if I could use seedless jam? I can't eat the seeds. I love anything with rasberry in it. Thank you
  9. You could also not melt the chocolate but temper it so it sets at room temperature and that way you wouldn't have to worry about it melting at room temperature.
  10. Thanks for the recepie. It seems it would be very delicious I want to make it but as I live in Iran and there is not cool wip here, I want to know Can I use cream instead of cool wip in it? If not, what ingredient can I use ?

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