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Cream Cheese Strawberry Cookies

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A few days ago, my good friend Alex came to my place for „only five minutes“!
“Vera, I don’t have much time to chat. I just came by to leave you these strawberries which I picked for Marco”, he said while giving me a bowl of beautiful strawberries which smelled through the whole house the moment he brought them.

Strawberry Cookies

“Thanks Alex. They are beautiful. I will say hello to Marco for you”, I told him not wanting to disappoint him because my picky son doesn’t even want to look at strawberries this summer, no matter how beautiful they are.

“Hmmm, maybe I could play some kind of trick on my little bad boy. If I make him cookies (one of his favorite snacks) with these strawberries, maybe he won’t rebel” I was thinking full of optimism.

And in that moment, I thought of a recipe I wanted to try for a long time: Cream Cheese Strawberry Cookies . And besides all that, after chimicange and cheesecake, I have become a little addictive to the combination of strawberries and creme cheese.

Everything was there, creme cheese, flour, sugar and when I took a look at the original recipe, it was like lightning out of the blue! Cream Cheese Strawberry Cookies are made with dried strawberries!!!

What to do? If I put fresh strawberries, maybe my little cookies won’t be so delightfully white with juicy, red pieces of strawberry. The strawberries will lose their color and they will paint the cookie dough.

“Don’t give up, Vera”, a voice was talking in my ear.

It was time for a few tricks. In order not to lose color, I squeezed a little lemon juice over the strawberries, then drained them and sprinkle flour over them in order not to color the dough and that the strawberries would not sink in while baking. And of course, so that Marco would like this treat, and make it a little more attractive to eat, I will throw in his favorite ingredient. Look, it’s chocolate! But this time, it will be pieces of white chocolate.

I cut a whole bar of white chocolate, mixed it into the cookie dough, and the experiment was totally successful. After half an hour, on my table was a plate full of sweet cookies, which looked great and simply melted in the mouth. Only one step was left…

Strawberry Cookies

“Marco, come quickly and try the cookies mom made for you”, I invited my son proud of my trickery. Marco, seeing a pile of sweet cookies, filled his hands with a few pieces . But, instead of eating them, he started making a tower from the cookies!

And that was it, he didn’t even want to take a bite since he saw the strawberries immediately.

Of course, if you asked yourself about the destiny of my Cream Cheese Strawberry Cookies,  all the fallen towers were quickly eaten by a man who is not so picky– of course, my husband 🙂

Strawberry Cookies With White Chocolate Chunks

Yields 24

Delicious, soft and chewy cream cheese cookies with fresh strawberries and white chocolate chunks.

20 min

15 min

35 min

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1 1/4 cup all-purpose flour

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1/8 teaspoon salt

1/4 cup unsalted butter-softened

4 oz cream cheese-softened

3/4 cup sugar

1 egg

1 teaspoons vanilla extract

3/4 cup chopped fresh strawberries

2 tablespoon lemon juice

1-2 tablespoon flour

5 oz white chocolate-chopped

sanding sugar


  • Preheat the oven to 350 F and line pans with parchment paper.
  • Pour fresh lemon juice over chopped strawberries, drain them after a few minutes.
  • Whisk together 1 1/4 cup all-purpose flour, salt and baking powder and set aside.
  • Beat butter with sugar and cream cheese until it’s light and fluffy.
  • Add egg and vanilla and mix well.
  • Gradually add flour mixture and mix until it’s well combined.
  • Stir in chopped white chocolate.
  • Sprinkle strawberries with 1-2 tablespoon flour, toss them until all strawberries are coated with thin layer of flour and then stir them really gently in the batter.
  • Drop heaping tablespoon of batter onto pan leaving an inch space between.
  • Set the cookies in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes before baking.
  • Sprinkle the cookies with sanding sugar if you want, but do not overdo it because they are sweet enough.
  • Bake for 13-15 minutes( until the edges become golden brown).
  • Let them cool a few minutes in the pan than transfer them to a wire racks to cool completely.
Recipe Type: Dessert

Amazingly easy Strawberry  Cookies with white chocolate chunks. Only 4 ingredients for absolute pleasure. Best cookies recipe ever!

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  1. I tried these but skipped the chocolate and used raspberries instead of strawberries. They were delightfully tangy-sweet and refreshing rather than sweet on top of sweet. Try it!
    1. Hi Vanessa, if you keep them more than a day I sugest that you store them in the fridge. We eat them for a few hours so I don't have to worry abot that ;)
    1. Hi Julie, I'm not sure how it will turns uot, but if you try it I sugest you to use thawed and well drained strawberries.
    2. I have a blueberry cookie recipe and have tried using frozen berries in it. They taste fine but they will not look as pretty. It ends up smearing blue color throughout the cookie. I suspect that may be what happens with the frozen strawberries but can't say for sure since I have not tried that.
    1. Since the recipe calls for cream cheese, skip the recipe and find something else if you don't like cream cheese.
  2. I don't like cream cheese...is it possible to make them without cream cheese? How should the ingredients be changed?
    1. Karolina, I'm really sorry that I missed to ansver your question. I don't know what could you use instead cream cheese, because I did'n try any other cmbination, so I do not want to speculate and give you wrong advice.
      1. Hello Vera,I tried the recipe without cheese, just used 4oz butter. It was amazing! I loved the way it keeps the fresh colour of strawberries. It has delicate, fresh flavour. Thank you so much for the delicious recipe! I will bake these cookies again!
        1. Hi Karolina, I'm really glad that it turns out good even without the cream cheese. Thanks for let me know. Happy baking!
  3. Made this yesterday (without the white chocolate though, as we don't particularly like it around here), and they are fantastic!!!! Sweet enough even without the chocolate. I am making them again today to bring to a get-together, thanks!!!!
  4. Made these gorgeous cookies today for a special event. They have exceeded my expectations and will be a great addition to this event. Soft, high strawberry flavor and the white chocolate adds some special flavor.
  5. I made these today with half frozen and half thawed strawberries, and I used simisweet chocolate chips (didn't have white) the were Delish!!!!! Thank you :)
  6. Hello! Kindly help me out..can I use heavy cream+butter,(1:1ratio) instead of cream cheese?we don't hv any cream cheese available in the place I stay.Thank you
  7. I did not have all the ingredients on hand to make these cookies homemade but I did have a yellow boxed cake mix so I added a block of cream cheese, 1 stick of butter, tsp vanilla, 1 egg, strawberries and white chocolate and they turned out amazing!! Now I can't wait to try them homemade because of course everything is better homemade!
    1. Hi Robbyn, I don't remember what brand was it, but you can use any white chocolate that you have on hand, or even you can use white chocolate chips.
  8. I just baked these tonight. I used white chocolate chips. I also baked them using convection bake at 325 F for 20 minutes. Perfect!!
  9. Hi! I'm excited to make these for a cookie exchange party - they look great! - Quick question - I just moved to a high altitude area…would these be okay still or should I add some extra flour? Thanks for any advice you might have!
      1. Hi Charlotte,it's too early to make them if you want to keep them in the fridge. I didn't try to freez these cookies so I can't tell you if they freez well.
  10. I'm just wondering if I can use dried strawberries instead of fresh since I will be making these for gifts along with other cookies and I don't have a big enough fridge to put them all of the tins in.
    1. Hi Kim, I didn't try it with cranberries but I think it could work. Don't up the sugar amount in the batter too much because the cookies will lose their shape and soft texture completly, you better sprinkle more sugar on top before bakking.
  11. Hi Vera!I was wondering what the lemon juice does, my girls love chocolate covered cherries so I was thinking of trying this recipe. I am just not sure if I would need the lemon juice. What do you think?Thanks for sharing, the cookies are beautiful.
  12. I am looking forward to trying these for our church Christmas party Sunday. To the lady that asked about the Purevia, you use 1/2the amount of sugar a recipe calls for. The recipe calls for 3/4 cup sugar, you would use 6 tablespoons of Purevia. I use Purevia all the tim e for my baking because my husband is a diabetic & I like him to enjoy life without raising his sugars.
  13. Indeed is a OH MY GOD recipe! Made it today and is EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with the texture of it. It's dry on the outside and moist on the inside with the tinny winnie bit of sour taste from the lemon. VERY GOOOOOD!!! Thanks so much for sharing this.
  14. I made these a couple of nights ago, but they came out really fluffy and like tiny floury pancakes. Any idea why this could have happened?
    1. Hi Karissa,I'm sorry about that, maybe because the flour you used or maybe you should leave them longer in the fridge before baking...
    2. The first time I made these, they turned out fluffy. Second time, I skipped the baking powder. They turned out very good like cookies.
  15. if i freeze the cookies after making them, would they be ok to mail? Or do you have suggestions on what to do if I want to mail them?
  16. I made these cookies, following the directions to the "T". The dough turned out much like pie crust dough, very thick and a little stretchy. Stirring the strawberries into the dough was impossible, I had to mix them in with my hands breaking the dough into small portions to mix in the strawberries because their was no stirring this dough. I bake quite often and am confident in my abilities, however, I feel that, with all the positive reviews, I must have done something wrong for these cookies to come out so terrible. If you could provide me with some helpful insight it would be greatly appreciated.
    1. Hi Roger, I'm really sorry that you had problem with this cookies. I don't know what went wrong, maybe you overmeasured the flour.
  17. I've tried & made lots of scratch cookies and these are beyond good. I followed the recipe as close as I could and they came out fantastic...light, tart, sweet and moist. I will be sharing these with everyone I know who enjoys a great moist cookie. Exceeded my expectations and certainly my tastebuds! Thank you sooooo much fora great cookie andacreayive way ti use fresh strawberries. My boys said best cookies ever...need I say more!
  18. Hello! Just made these the batter is delicious but my cookies turned to flat thin pancakes in the oven any idea what went wrong?
    1. Hi Erica, I'm really sorry that they did not turn out well, I don't know what went wrong, it could happen due to many different reasons
  19. Hello Vera!!! WOW.....these sound scrumptious!! I'm going to make them tomorrow to take to a group meeting tuesday nite!!! I CAN'T WAIT(hope I don't eat too many before class!!!) I have one question that you may have already answered(sorry!)....will doubling the recipe come out the same? I've had some cookie recipes that just don't work for making a double batch......please help!!!! luv ya!!!
    1. Hi Shannon, you can first drop the batter with tablespoon onto the pan and set in the frizer for couple minutes,then roll each dollop between your hands just a little to give them nicer shape.I often do that when I drop the batter with the spoon and it don't get nice round shape.
  20. I made these today to use up some strawberries that were getting a little too ripe. I don't know what went wrong but these didn't turn out like cookies but rather like a biscuit. The dough didn't spread while cooking and they kept their tablespoon size shape. I think it may have been to due to extra flour on thr berries. Disappointed, but they taste good, but nothing like a cookie : (
  21. Woweeeeeee I am not even a sweets person. Made these for a BBQ. They tasted fresh and light, but decadent at the same time. This recipe is perfect as written. I am already planning the next time I will make these.
  22. Hi Vera, Thank you for sharing your recipe with the world. I just made these cookies tonight, and my boyfriend loved them and thought they are very delicious.I was worried about the batter because it was very sticky (and perhaps "gooey"?). It was difficult to drop tablespoons. However, upon reading another cream cheese cookie recipe, I think I could put the entire bowl of batter in the fridge and let it firm up, and then scoop balls out of it. (Now I'm thinking of investing in a melon baller scoop thing).However even though mine were not shaped perfectly round, they were very delicious so I'm happy overall. I'll be bringing some to a friend's birthday barbecue.Good luck to anyone else trying out the recipe!
  23. I just made a batch - I had to put them in for almost 18 minutes and they still never browned. However, they remained moist and amazingly delicious.
  24. I have two Halloween cookie pans, one in the shape of bones and another in the shape of fingers. I am wondering how these would look using those pans. I will have to try it as one of my Halloween desserts for my party.
  25. I made these tonight and thought the dough seemed too dry and crumbly but I followed the directions and continued. I used a cookie scoop to make the ball shape. When the oven timer went off I was confused... The cookies had lightly browned on the edges but they had kept the shape and never flattened out at all. They looked like mini biscuits! I'm not sure how they look nothing like a regular cookie when I followed the directions exactly. Really bummed they didn't turn out!
  26. Just finished baking these cookies, they're amazing!!!!! I sub fresh strawberries for dry freeze ones. So I skipped the steps with lemon and flour!! Thanks for recipe!?
  27. Hi! I'm excited to try out your recipe - I'm a little hesitant to add in white chocolate, so is it going to alter the results if I remove them?
    1. Hi Andrea, I think you could skip the white chocolate, just place the cookies in the freezer for 5-10 minutes before baking.
  28. Made these for Valentine's Day and they are awesome! They were very easy to make just like adding strawberries to a classic chocolate chip recipe. I will be trying these with chocolate chips as well as blueberries and raspberries someday!Thanks for sharing :)
  29. I was just wondering if they need to be refrigerated after baking? I'm guessing so, based on the strawberries, but I'm worried my cookies will get hard?
  30. Made these this morning and brought them to work. My co-workers were coming back for seconds. They are delicious! I used white chocolate chips because they are easier.
  31. These are horrible..pain in the ass fiddily slimy disgusting mess! Wish I could rate it a zero. Followed the recipe exactly. Tasteless and gross
  32. I made it from frozen strawberries, it was perfect. I used 4 oz butter instead of 4 oz cream cheese and added 100 grams sugar (instead of ~150 grams), it was a bit sweet for me, but really delicious. Thanks for the recipe.
  33. Okay...I am so happy I found you and this recipe! Thank you so much! Do you know of a website where I can enter ingredients to figure out the carb count? I am a Celiac but my husband is a diabetic. Any help would be appreciated.
  34. Tasty, however mine came out more like little biscuits than cookies. Not sure what went wrong. Only thing I skipped is the sanding sugar on top. Perhaps step by step pictures of each step would be beneficial as ive noticed a lot of others had the same results.
  35. Hello, I'm planning to send a cookie care package to some of my friends and I was wondering if these cookies would be safe to mail? Or would the fruit and creamcheese prevent that?
  36. It appears that you have the sugar in the recipe, but you have left out that step in the instructions...making them now, these look delicious and I'm making them for company.
  37. My first batch has come out of the oven, and they are just what I hoped they would be! I love a chocolate chip cookie, but I wanted something more summery and delicate, and these fit the bill. I did make one little tweak and that was to do 3/4 tsp of vanilla with 1/4 tsp. lemon extract, I also did a bit of lemon zest in the batter as well. It pairs so nicely with the strawberry, white chocolate and cream cheese and I think it gives just a bit of lift to the taste. I did not sprinkle any sugar on as these are just perfect the way they are. Thank you so much for the recipe!
  38. I made the cookies yesterday, I had a problem as the cookies sticked to the pan. Do I need to put butter on the pan before putting the batter? It took me some time to get the cookies out, and of course they couldn't keep the shape anymore. And, they became so soft this morning. Can I put them in the fridge to store them? Thank you.
  39. I don't suppose you can cause these to be gluten free and not ruin the whole thing. These cookies look so good but neither my daughter nor I can eat gluten. Most gluten free cookies taste terrible. Any ideas?
  40. hello, i live in france in europe and unfortunately I can't realise this recipe because of yours measures. In europe, we do only use grams. Would you help me translating your recipe in grams instead of cups please. It's difficult for me to converte the cups with the different ingredients solids and softs. And another precision, your recipe from pinterest is different, could you tell me how many cookies can you make with this recipe ? Thank you
  41. Made these this morning with frozen strawberries from last summer's garden. Didn't use the white chocolate, though I might try it next time - perfectly delicious without the chocolate. This recipe turned out wonderfully soft, sweet-tart, rounded cookies, almost scone-like. I will definitely use it again! Thank you!
  42. Made these yesterday for a friend and they turned out amazing! I sprinkled them with Maldon sea salt flakes instead of sugar. Loved the sweet and salty combo!
  43. why is it so difficult to get the recipes and print them. its very frustrating. i was trying to get the apple pie cookie recipe with no luck

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