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15 Heart Shaped Valentine’s Day Desserts


If you need a surprise for your loved one on Valentine’s Day or you want someone to fall in love with you, make them some of these irresistible cupid inspired dessert.

1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Valentine Hearts

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Valentine Hearts

This is a must make Valentine’s Day treat. So easy and oh so yummy!!!
Get the recipe: omgchocolatedesserts.com

2. Homemade Gumdrops

Homemade Gumdrops

A super easy and fun recipe is perfect idea for homemade Valentine’s gift.
Get the recipe cincyshopper.com

3. Valentine Heart Macarons

Valentine Heart Macarons

Lovely pink macaroons will steal your heart on Valentine’s Day.
Get the recipe: livforcake.com

4. Heart Linzer Cookies

Heart Linzer Cookies

Classic and elegant Linzer Cookies this time in festive shape filled with strawberry jam. They taste amazing.
Get the recipe: cookingclassy.com

5. Conversation Heart Cheesecake Truffles

Conversation Heart Cheesecake Truffles

Pack these sweet little cheesecake bites into a cellophane with a ribbon and it could be a great homemade gift.
Get the recipe: thesweetchick.com

6. Ding Dong Valentines Chocolate Hearts

Ding Dong Valentines Chocolate Hearts

Delicious homemade Ding Dong in the shape of a heart. Do I need to say more?
Get the recipe: omgchocolatedesserts.com

7. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Hearts

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Hearts

Such a cute idea for a Valentine’s Day treat if you want healthier treat, plus they are so easy to make.
Get the recipe: onelittleproject.com

8. Strawberry Glazed Valentine Donuts

Strawberry Glazed Valentine Donuts

Perfect way to start Valentine’s Day.
Get the recipe: www.bakedbyrachel.com

9. Soft Sugar Cookies

Soft Sugar Cookies

Try these super soft sugar cookies and you will want them all year round.
Get the recipe: www.iheartnaptime.net

10. Homemade Heart Marshmallow

Homemade Heart Marshmallow

These are even better than store-bought version.
Get the recipe: bellyfull.net

11. Oreo Truffles Valentine Hearts

Oreo Truffles Valentine Hearts

Good , old, yummy Oreo truffles now comes in Cupid approved shape.
Get the recipe: omgchocolatedesserts.com

12. Peanut Butter Chocolate Hearts

Peanut Butter Chocolate Hearts

If your sweetheart love chocolate and peanut butter flavor combo these delicious hearts will be delicious gift for upcoming holiday.
Get the recipe: sixsistersstuff.com

13. Valentine Heart Cookie Boxes

Valentine Heart Cookie Boxes

You will fall head over heels for these pretty 3-D cookies filled with goodies.
Get the recipe: www.glorioustreats.com

14. Conversation Heart Piñata Cake

Conversation Heart Piñata Cake

This conversation heart cake filled with conversation heart candies would be perfect dessert If you are making romantic dinner for two.
Get the recipe: hungryhappenings.com

15. Red Velvet Nutella Cinnamon Rolls

Red Velvet Nutella Cinnamon Rolls

Beautiful red color of these cinnamon rolls make them perfect festive treat for the holiday that celebrates love.
Get the recipe: www.yammiesnoshery.com

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