And Other Sweet And Salty Creations From Vera’s Kitchen Corner

Chocolate desserts recipes

Ooooh, what a wonderful surprise! Come in, do not hesitate! If you are on a quest for a tasty chocolate dessert, you’ve come to the right place! This is my little chocolate diary! As you have probably foreseen, here you can find the recipes for all of my chocolate desserts. Just take a peek on some of the pictures, and you might spot a delicacy you’d like to prepare yourself! Of course, I must admit that the road leading towards the sweetest chocolate treats isn’t as simple as that! There were some less successful tries, but the good that came out of it were the leftovers of such attempts, which were as tasteful as you can imagine (feel free to ask my husbandJ).

But, fear not, I’ll do my best to offer you the clearest possible instructions, including all the catches which might await you! And, another thing! Among all of these recipes, you’ll find a few of those which were not prepared in my kitchen, but came as a result of the efforts of my amazing blogger friends! And, if you feel you have a recipe you would like to add to this lovely collection, feel free to write to me! I don’t accept just chocolate cakes but of course also other type of cakes. For instance, this Custard Cake is one of my favorites!