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S’mores cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

What is there to do when you spot such S’mores cookies like these, except try to make them yourself! By the way, I adore all forms of S’mores desserts, but when I saw these S’mores cookies on the Internet for the first time, they literally blew my mind!

In order to make the S’ mores cookies so tasty, the author of this recipe from the Culinary Couture blog, Merriam wittily decided to add crushed graham crackers to the cookie dough!  And topping the chocolate chip cookie dough with gooey marshmallow crème turned these cookies into a real piece of art!

But, be careful! These are simply addicting! If you are struggling with extra pounds, perhaps it’s best to enjoy these cookies only by looking at the pictures.

S'mores cookies

Find original recipe at: culinarycoutureblog.com

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