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Rolo Cupcakes

Cupcakes & Muffins

Are you thinking about making a delicious chocolate cupcake, but you lack inspiration? Don’t waste any more time! The first thing I do when searching for cupcake recipes is visit the Your Cup of Cake blog! You don’t’ believe me? Just find some time and see what I’m talking about. Lizzy is a real artist when it comes to making these sweet goodies! The only problem you might come across is which of these heavenly cupcakes to choose!
Since I’m talking about chocolate treats exclusively, I present to you one of my old “friends”- Rolo Cupcakes! Chocolate cake, caramel filing and chocolate frosting made by Lizzy’s hands look as if they came straight from heaven! And when at the end you add a small Rolo to decorate the cakes, you will hesitate to eat them, because they will look so perfect! But, not for a long time, because you will soon realize that they taste even better!

Rolo Cupcakes

Find original recipe at: yourcupofcake.com

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