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Oreos and Kit Kat Cake

Chocolate Cake

While I was searching for inspiration for my birthday cake, I made a list of a few really nice recipes! One of the first on the list was the fantastic recipe for Oreos and Kit Kat Cake, which I found on the Bubbly Nature Creation blog! Really impressive! If you like these type of cakes, also check out the Reese’s Cheesecake!

But, the fact that it looked so good was probably what made me not choose it in the end. You are probably wondering why. Looking at those wonderfully aligned Kit-Kat bars on chocolate balls made me scared  that I was not up to this task and so I decided to make a simpler Chocolate Chocolate Cake. But, the beautiful Oreos and Kit Kat Cake will certainly not be forgotten! I’m sure it will come into consideration next time around!

Oreos and Kit Kat Cake!

Find original recipe at: bubblynaturecreations.com

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