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Grand Marnier Truffles

Truffles & Fudge

I don’t know why, but one little chocolate dessert always blows me away! You can probably guess it now. It’s Chocolate Truffles! Maybe it will look simple and not really creative, but I have found so many different recipes for these sweet little balls, that I could make a little cookbook dedicated only to them!

And one of the really creative recipes is this one for the Grand Marnier Truffles on the  Baker by Nature blog. Imagine just how rich and decadent a taste these little balls of black chocolate could have? Dark chocolate, a little Grand Mariner, a little coco powder and a few grains of salt! On the other hand, why would you imagine anything? Just look at the photo and go right to Baker by Nature for the recipe! As of me, I just need to finish my Texas Sheet Cake from a few days ago and I’m ready for the truffle!

Grand Mariner Truffles

Find original recipe at: bakerbynature.com

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