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Cookie Dough Stuffed Brownie Truffles

Truffles & Fudge

Don’t worry! This is not a real bomb, this only a cute little chocolaty bomb. And if you are not a fan of chocolate, then you are not in danger. But, if you love cute little things made of chocolate, then this wonderful Cookie Dough Stuffed Brownie Truffles will blow you away

That was literally the case with me when I discovered this great recipe on the Cookies and Cups blog. Brownie Truffles filled with Cookie Dough, a real chocolaty explosion!! You only need one look at the photo and you will understand. And if you love things like this, now you have all the necessary ingredients, and you can start with your kitchen lab.

Cookie Dough Stuffed Brownie Truffles

Find original recipe at: cookiesandcups.com

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