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The Most Chocolatiest Chocolate Curl Cake

Chocolate Cake

A few days ago, looking through my favorite Pinterest boards, I found a very adorable name for a cake: Most Chocolatiest Chocolate Curl Cake. It really made me laugh. What could have so much chocolate to have an outrageous name like this? But one look on this beautiful cake from the Curly Girl Kitchen made me believe that this is really one of the “most chocolatiest” deserts I have ever seen. And if you think a little about the ingredients of this divine cake, only then you will fully understand! Chocolate cake, Chocolate syrup, Chocolate buttercream, Ganache, Chocolate Curls… There was no part of this cake that did not have chocolate!
And what else to say? If you ever want to make something that is only chocolate, this little master piece is your solution!

The Most Chocolatiest Chocolate Curl Cake

Find original recipe at: curlygirlkitchen.com

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