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Chocolate Midnight Pie

Pie & Tart

And if you asked me “Vera, what would a perfect chocolate pie look like in your opinion? ”, I would not have to think long. It would look exactly like Chocolate Midnight Pie on the King Arthur Flour blog. A soft and moist crust with juicy chocolate which simply wings when you cut in the the middle, and thin crispy crust at the top. Can you imagine anything more beautiful?
It was very funny to me that PJ, the author of this recipe called the photo of this pie “inperfect” because the crust was a little cracked after baking. And these “inperfect things” are for me the things that make this desert even more perfect and different from all the overdecorated photos of food which we can often see. PJ, as for me, this is an “inperfect masterpiece” 🙂

Chocolate Midnight Pie

Find original recipe at: kingarthurflour.com

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