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Chocolate Cupcakes with Cherry on Top

Cupcakes & Muffins

What else would you expect when you see the name of this recipe? Chocolate Cupcakes with Cherry on Top? Of course, the first picture in my mind was of beautiful chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and a juicy red cherry on top! Yummy! Surely, some of you will say “been there, seen that”, but I simply love classic recipes like this.

But the blog I found this inviting recipe on is not named “Sweet Revelations” by chance. And for all cherry fans, instead of a real one, this is a fake little chocolate cherry. In the end, whether you like the cherry on top or not, you must admit that these great cupcakes deserve to be on this list. Well done, Renee!!

Chocolate Cupcakes with Cherry on Top

Find original recipe at: sweetrevelations.wordpress.com

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